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Intellectual Property

Our Intellectual Property attorneys assist clients in protecting, enforcing or defending their rights as creators, owners, licensees and users of intellectual property of all kinds. Intellectual property (IP) assets include music, books, screenplays, art, designs, inventions, trade secrets and trademarks, among others.

For trademarks such as logos, graphics, words, slogans and other brands, they conduct clearance searches, advise clients with respect to availability, apply for registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, license and transfer ownership, and prosecute or defend infringements.

For copyrights, they register creative works of authorship with the United States Copyright Office, conduct audits of materials on the basis of fair use and public domain status, and prosecute or defend copyright infringements.

For trade secrets, they create Non-Disclosure Agreements for employers and business owners, review restrictive covenants for contractors, employees and consultants, and prosecute or defend violations of trade secrets.

For patents, they create and review patent licensing and sale arrangements — but do not register or prosecute patent applications (except with outside counsel).

Our Intellectual Property attorneys provide the following legal services:

  • Trademark clearance, application, licensing, maintenance, prosecution and defense
  • Copyright registration, licensing, audit and defense
  • Trade secrets’ protection, enforcement and defense
  • Website policies to protect and appropriately use IP
  • Domain name transfers and disputes
  • Author, artist, composer, musician agreements
  • Work-for-Hire Agreements for IP creation
  • Patent licensing and transfer (for registration and prosecution, only in coordination with outside counsel)

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