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Planting Trees in Lancaster City

Attorney Angelo Fiorentino has been putting down roots in Lancaster quite literally. On April 27, 2018, Hillrise Mutual Housing Association and the Lancaster County Conservancy carried out an initiative to plant trees throughout Lancaster City. Angelo lent a hand by transporting trees to various planting locations throughout the Hillrise grounds.

The planting is intended to alleviate storm water management issues, provide shade, add to biodiversity, and beautify the area. The effort was led by Fritz Schroeder, Director of Urban Greening for the Lancaster County Conservancy. Hillrise is a nonprofit organization that provides a subsidized housing community for low-income families in Lancaster City.

As a Corporate Practice Group attorney, Angelo assists nonprofits like Hillrise with a variety of organizational, tax, and real estate matters.

Lancaster mayor Danene Sorace, Fritz Schroeder of the Lancaster County Conservancy, and Angelo Fiorentino at Hillrise Mutual Housing Association