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Elvin Kraybill and Everence Representatives Present Interactive Estate Planning Seminar

Estate Planning SeminarOn March 26 GKH attorney Elvin Kraybill joined Everence’s Clair Sauder and Nikki Shingle for an interactive and educational seminar at the Landis Homes Campus. A standing room only crowd had a chance to ask estate planning questions to an attorney, a financial planner, and a charitable service representative. Participants addressed these questions, and more:

  • Why do I need an estate plan? (And is that the same as having a will?)
  • When and how should I give to my children? (And can I give them too much?)
  • How can an estate plan represent my values and passions beyond family?
  • How do I stay current with tax laws?
  • What are the benefits and downsides of naming children or charities as beneficiaries of trusts, insurance policies, or IRAs?

If you have unanswered estate planning questions that are keeping you awake at night, contact the knowledgeable and experienced attorneys on GKH’s estate planning and administration team: John Gibbel, Elvin Kraybill, Peter Kraybill, Marci Miller, Ann Martin and Justin Bollinger.