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Workplace Wellness II

When the Lititz and downtown Lancaster offices of GKH consolidated into one central office at 2933 Lititz Pike in August of 2015, the new space required extensive renovation. This presented the partners with an opportunity to create a healthier and more efficient work space. The partners looked for different ways to improve the work setting, including integrating as much natural lighting as possible into the work areas, increasing the size of cubicles and providing “gathering spaces” with sofas and chairs.

In addition, the partners decided to offer staff and attorneys standing desks because studies have shown that sitting all day can have adverse health consequences.  These desks are motorized so they can easily be raised to a standing position or lowered to a sitting position, giving staff and attorneys the option of sitting or standing. From the outset, almost all support staff opted for these adjustable-height desks.

Installing these standing desks was easy for staff as all new cubicles and desks were ordered. Attorneys’ desks presented a bigger challenge, as most were traditional heavy wooden desks. In order to provide attorneys with the same opportunity to be able to stand, GKH hired a local woodworker to convert all of the attorneys’ desks to adjustable-height work areas.

Almost a year after the move, most staff and attorneys spend at least a portion of their work day standing at their desks.

Managing partner Dwight Yoder stated that the firm is committed to creating a work environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle.  “We believe that the investment we made to provide an office space that supports people’s health is not only beneficial for our employees but also leads to more productive, happier employees in the long run.”