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GKH Launches YouTube Channel

GKH created a new YouTube channel to provide general information on a variety of legal topics, and to answer questions that our clients frequently raise. The videos are about 2 minutes long—and convey a wealth of practical information.

For instance, attorney Peter Kraybill suggests ways that businesses can respond to negative or abusive online comments and reviews, with or without the help of an attorney.

Clients often find the process of settling a deceased person’s estate confusing and potentially overwhelming. Our Estate Planning & Estate Administration playlist includes the first three videos in what we anticipate will be a series covering the various aspects of the process, from probating the will to distributing assets to named beneficiaries.

Did you know that Pennsylvania’s Right To Know Law allows you to request public records from state and local governments? You can request budget and spending information, 911 response logs, the emails and correspondence of public officials, and much more. If this is news to you, check out attorney Sheila O’Rourke’s video on filing a right to know request.

Visit us on YouTube, and watch for additional topics in the coming months.