Virtual Seminar: “A Closer Look at the Disenfranchisement of Black Voters”

We are pleased to announce the seventh seminar in this ongoing series. This seminar will take a closer look at the legal, economic and violent methods used to disenfranchise black voters after the adoption of the 15th Amendment. While freed black men were granted the right to vote as part of the Reconstruction Era Amendments to the Constitution, those rights were stripped by states following the end of Reconstruction and were virtually non-existent until the Voting Rights Act was adopted during the Civil Rights movement. It is imperative to understand how out history has laid the groundwork for the continued attack on voting rights today and what we can do so that all people have the opportunity to participate in our democracy.

Please join us for this virtual seminar. You can either join as a participant by registering in advance, or you can watch the live-stream feed from GKH’s Facebook Page. A link to the live stream will be posted on our Facebook page prior to the start of the virtual seminar on October 21. All are welcome to join!

To be able to participate and ask questions in this seminar, you must pre-register through Zoom. Please be advised that the seminar, including the question and answer session, will be recorded and posted on the internet for viewing by the general public. By preregistering, you consent to your participation in the seminar being included as part of the recording that will be posted to the internet following the seminar.



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