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GKH Mission Statement


Our Mission: To empower individuals, nurture community and promote justice with integrity and compassion

To empower individuals, we:

Listen carefully to our clients’ goals, objectives and concerns
Analyze how goals, objectives and concerns intersect with the law
Assist our clients in making fully informed decisions
Act as a voice for the voiceless
Advocate zealously

To nurture community, we:

Recognize that serving this community is both a privilege and a responsibility
Address the legal needs of organizations that serve the community
Nourish deeply-rooted relationships in this community
Devote time and resources to charitable activities, individually and firm-wide

To promote justice with integrity and compassion, we:

Acknowledge dependence upon God and others
Respect differing religious and political opinions
Seek reconciliation with adversaries to be free from bitterness and hatred
Recognize communal, individual and adversarial elements of our legal system, that involve responsibilities as well as rights
Assist those who cannot pay prevailing legal fees
Encourage empathy
Balance commitments to family, firm, and community