Understanding the Importance of State Supreme Courts and the History of Racial Discrimination

Did you know that decisions from state supreme courts often have had more impact on our country’s history of slavery and discrimination then decisions from the United States Supreme Court? Are you aware that states are responsible for how federal elections are run and how voting districts are established? The United States was established on the concept of federalism in which two separate sovereign governments exist with their own court systems—the federal government and the state government. In this seminar, Attorney Dwight Yoder will review the basic structure of federalism and explore recent court decisions from state supreme courts that highlight the importance of state courts in the on-going struggle for racial justice and equality. If you care about addressing the history of slavery and discrimination you need to understand the importance of state supreme courts.

We are excited to offer this seminar both in-person and virtually.

If you plan to attend in person, we will be meeting in the Bethel AME Church Cultural Center located at 512 E. Strawberry Street, Lancaster, PA 17602. Parking is free in the lot behind the cultural center. Alternatively, you can either join as a participant by registering in advance, or you can watch the live-stream feed from GKH’s Facebook Page. All are welcome to join!

To be able to participate and ask questions in this seminar virtually, you must pre-register through Zoom. Please be advised that the seminar, including the question and answer session, will be recorded and posted on the internet for viewing by the general public. By preregistering, you consent to your participation in the seminar being included as part of the recording that will be posted to the internet following the seminar.



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